The E-Fed Journal

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So you clicked the link because you're interested in being on a future episode of The E-Fed Journal? Awesome. Cool. First things first, I record these over Skype using a program that records the calls. If you don't have a computer with a mic built in or an external mic, Skype has a free smartphone app to download. It is free to skype with other skype people, so it will not charge you. I ask that if you do use the app, please have a solid connection (3 or 4 bars) for the duration of the interview.

Well then, please fill out the form below with the following info...


*Skype Account: 

*E-Mail or Twitter Handle: (Which ever form of communication you'd like going forward in setting up a time and date to record)

*Character you want to focus on/Most known character:

*Timeline of your character: (Can be more than 2 accomplishments/moments, 

but no more than 4. List feds where you spent a decent amount of time in. This is so I can map out the interview and know where you go from fed to fed. Makes for better podcast)

- Fed Name 1: Year entered fed - Year Exited fed
-- Accomplishment/Moment 1
-- Accomplishment/Moment 2

-Fed Name 2: Year entered fed - Year Exited fed
-- Accomplishment/Moment 1
-- Accomplishment/Moment 2

*Link to 1-3 roleplays you wish to show the world and for me to read and get an idea on the character. This isn't a required field, so if you're not sure

*Day(s) and Time(s) (in EST) you are most available to record (If variable, say so. Please note, recordings can take up to two hours so that is the minimum time needed to record):

Thank you for sending me your information. I can not wait to talk to you about setting up a time. I will contact you when I get your submission
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AGAIN, you must have a skype to do this. If you don't have a mic, be it external to your computer or internal, skype does in face have a mobile app for smartphones that does not charge for calls to other skype accounts. I ask for a solid connection if your gonna use the app, otherwise it will not be a good interview.

I will reply when I get the email and we'll further schedule your recording at a later time.